At the beginning of October, we released information about the big changes that are on the horizon for Audi Fletcher Jones. Here is what we covered:

           ·  Our new location is at Bristol Street and Red Hill Avenue in Costa Mesa

           ·  Expected completion date is late 2020

           ·  42,000 Square foot of Sales & Showroom facility

           ·  A single-story Service Center with accessible rooftop parking

           ·  Our first groundbreaking ceremony on the new property

           ·  Read More Here

Here is What’s New: Fletcher Jones is excited to release the final rendering for Audi Fletcher Jones. 

4838 × 2891


With the increased space, our team is looking forward to working with more clients on a grander scale and supplying the five star quality of service we know you deserve.

If you are passionate about the automotive world as much as we are and would be interested in joining our team, click here to learn more about career opportunities.