If you're hunting for a used Audi, you may be left wondering, "What is good mileage for a used car?" While 100,000 miles used to be the cap, the answer is no longer as cut and dry as it used to be. Now, developments in the automotive industry have allowed vehicles to last longer, as long as they're well maintained. Learn more about what defines good mileage for a used car, and other things you need to look at when making your used Audi purchase below. 

Smart Shopping for a Used Audi

As you look for your used Audi, you'll want to ensure that you're making a savvy purchase. While this involves keeping good mileage for a used car in mind, it also includes considering other aspects: 

  • Vehicle Condition - No matter the mileage, you'll want to have your vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic. If there are any issues found, from mechanical problems to rust, you'll need to consider their costs when looking at your budget. 
  • Vehicle Usage - Not all the time you spend on the road is equal in terms of the wear and tear it puts your vehicle through. Mileage racked up on the highway is easier on your vehicle than the stop-and-go traffic found in a city. 
  • Village Location - Where the vehicle is driven can also play a role in its condition; as a warm, dry climate is easier on a vehicle than a cold, wet climate. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance - Regular vehicle maintenance is vital to keeping your vehicle running smoothly. If maintenance hasn't been kept up with, you're more likely to have problems down the line. 

Picking a Used Audi From Mileage

As you can see, it's complicated to answer the question, "What is good mileage for a used car?" Along with the factors mentioned above, you'll also need to contemplate how long you plan to use your used Audi and how far you'll need to drive it. For reference, the average driver puts about 12,000 miles on their vehicle per year. 

Mileage vs. Age: Which is More Important?

The last point we need to cover is that of age vs. mileage. When looking at a newer vehicle with higher mileage and an older vehicle with lower mileage, the higher mileage vehicle may be the smarter buy. That's because an older, irregularly driven vehicle can start to develop other issues, including: 

  • Mechanical issues
  • Issues with rubber seals
  • Gasket problems

Aside from the potential problems, lower mileage vehicles will often cost you more. 

Benefits of Audi CPO Vehicles

If you want to find a quality used Audi, you'll find them at Audi Fletcher Jones. Not only do we carry used Audi models, but certified pre-owned Audi vehicles. These models are part of the Audi CPO program, and as such must meet:

  • Mileage requirements
  • Age requirements
  • Pass an intensive inspection
  • Include warranty coverage
  • Priced lower than new vehicles

Certified pre-owned Audi models are a great option for Irvine car buyers looking to balance mileage, age, and condition when shopping for a used Audi. 

Test Out a Used Audi at Audi Fletcher Jones! 

If you find a used Audi with good mileage for a used car in our inventory, and you're ready to get in the driver's seat, schedule a test drive at our Costa Mesa showroom. If you want to avoid the trip to the lot, you can also buy your used Audi online and have it delivered to your door!

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