Not every Costa Mesa auto service center uses genuine Audi parts, but thanks to our robust parts center, the Audi Fletcher Jones service center does. What's more, if you want to shop our parts center for genuine Audi parts and accessories, you can! Learn more about the Audi Fletcher Jones parts center and Audi auto parts below!

Audi Auto Parts vs. Aftermarket Car Parts

Unless you're visiting an authorized Audi Costa Mesa auto service center, you're likely going to have generic aftermarket parts used on your vehicle. Unfortunately, these parts can't hold up to genuine Audi parts. That's because OEM Audi auto parts provide: 

  • Precise Fit- Audi auto parts are made to fit your vehicle while generic parts are crafted for a broader fit.

  • Quality- Genuine Audi parts are made with quality materials and using the technology and expertise that went into the creation of your vehicle. The same can't be said for generic parts. 

  • Warranty Coverage- For added peace of mind, all genuine Audi parts come backed by a warranty. 

Why Shop Our Parts Center?

Of all the Costa Mesa auto service centers & parts centers, why choose ours? In addition to carrying genuine Audi parts, we offer: 

  • Parts & Service Specials- Frequently updated, our parts and service specials are designed to help Irvine shoppers keep their costs down. 
  • Order Parts- You can request parts online if there's something you need that we don't have in stock!

Purchase Genuine Audi Parts at Audi Fletcher Jones

Whether you need genuine Audi parts for maintenance, a repair, or an upgrade- you can find them at the Audi Fletcher Jones parts center. Contact us to speak with a parts specialist today!