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Trying to find the Audi Q5 oil change costs or the Audi A4 oil change costs? If you're asking, "How much does an oil change cost?" Repair Pal puts the average range for Audi oil change costs between $143 to $170. Find out more about the differences in Audi oil change prices below, and then visit our authorized Audi service center near Newport Beach to update your vehicle service. 

What Goes Into Audi Oil Change Prices?

When it comes to Audi oil change prices, rates can vary depending on where you go, what Audi models you're driving, and how much oil it needs. Audi oil change prices are determined by the price of parts and labor. So, how much does an oil change cost for an Audi? Oil change costs fall within the following price ranges: 

  • Parts Cost Range: $74 to $82
  • Labor Cost Range: $69 to $88

Choose an Authorized Audi Service Center

Chain car shops are known for being affordable, so when it comes to something like an oil change, why choose an Audi service center? Aside from Audi service centers offering competitive pricing that may surprise you, authorized Audi service delivers benefits like: 

  • OEM parts: Audi parts are fabricated specifically for your vehicle, resulting in longer life and better performance. 
  • Upholds Warranties: Work done at Audi service centers won't violate your warranty. 
  • Audi Auto Mechanics: Well-versed in Audi models, Audi mechanics can quickly service your vehicle. What's more, they can also catch little problems before they turn into big problems. 

Why Keep Up with Routine Oil Changes?

If you're asking yourself, "How much does an oil change cost?" chances are you have other questions about this routine care. Namely, you might wonder why you should even bother with keeping up with such a seemingly simple task. Fresh oil is crucial to maintaining your Irvine commute since oil takes on such an important role. As you travel through Costa Mesa, the moving parts in your engine need to be lubricated in order to stay damage-free. That's where oil comes into play.

Oil keeps the components in your engine from overheating and prevents unnecessary wear and tear. If your oil is allowed to fall into a dismal state, your engine could overheat. This is an extremely serious situation that can't be ignored. In order to prevent overheating and severe engine damage, turn to the experts at Audi Fletcher Jones to ensure you're on pace with your regularly scheduled maintenance. 

Benefits of Audi Fletcher Jones Service

Audi Fletcher Jones not only brings you the benefits of authorized Audi service, but we also include a slew of our own perks, such as:

  • Service & Parts Incentives: You can often find oil change discounts in our rotating selection of service specials.
  • Audi Care: Using this Audi plan, you'll also benefit from prepaid maintenance.
  • Service Financing: If you want to break up your service costs, you can take advantage of our service financing. 
  • Pick-Up & Delivery Service: We take care of transporting your vehicle to and from its service appointment, so you don't have to. 

Enjoy World-Class Audi Service at Audi Fletcher Jones

Now you have an idea of what to expect for Audi Q5 oil change costs, but if you want a better estimate, feel free to get in touch with the service team at Audi Fletcher Jones. We're just a short drive from Costa Mesa, and our service professionals are ready to serve you!

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