Not sure why your brakes pulsate? Service Technician Andrew Armstrong provides us with a great service tip on brake pulsation, its cause, and how to avoid such a disaster.
What Causes Brake Pulsation?
Brake pulsation usually only has one cause, which is warped rotors/brake discs. The main cause of warped rotors is excessive hard braking or fast stops which can severely overheat the discs.
Once the discs overheat, it can change the composition of the metal disc material and create irregularities in the surface of the metal. Some of these irregularities can be visible and are known as hotspots. They will show up as discolored sections of the disc material, usually bluish or blackish in color.
How to Avoid Brake Pulsation?
Once you feel a brake pulsation of this nature, the only remedy is rotor replacement as we are not machining rotors at this time. The best way to avoid warped rotors is by altering your driving habits.
•Make your stops more gradual and even.
•Try to coast to a slower speed before applying the brake pedal
•Look ahead in your route for obstacles that would cause you to need to stop suddenly.
Brake Pulsation Myth
In instances when emergency braking occurs, the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) will activate. This causes the Driver Assist Systems to rapidly apply and release the mechanical brake system to avoid a skid/locked tire condition. This is achieved by a rapid increase and decrease in brake fluid pressure to the individual calipers. Some customers may mistake this as a brake pulsation, when in fact, it is one of the vehicle’s safety system features performing as designed.

Brake Pulsation? Brakes Squeaking? We've solutions!
If at any point you feel like there is an issue with your brake system of any kind, it is always safer to bring the vehicle to the dealer and let us inspect and test the brake system, as we believe it is without a doubt the most important safety system in your vehicle. Contact us here or call us at (949) 791-1600 for our service specials when you plan to schedule a service appointment. We’ll even provide a complimentary Audi loaner when you schedule a service with us!
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